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  • One of the couple still in Uni. 

    One of the couple still in Uni. 

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  • Tried some new eyes. 

    Tried some new eyes. 

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  • I needed a new pic of Reine. 

    I needed a new pic of Reine. 

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  • A couple photos of the girls in their home.

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  • Here we have the McCombs family. 

    Andres McCombs, a single dad, currently a flight pilot in the air force, was reassigned to Newmist a couple months ago. After finding a fully decorated home near the fort he grabbed it the second he had the chance. He’s a very strict father. Him and his son never quite can see eye to eye. 

    Javon McCombs on the other hand is sort of a rebel. He disobeys and does whatever he can to get out of any type of situation. He doesn’t believe where his current life has led to and spends a lot of time searching for his mom, who is dad says left without a trace in the middle of the night. He has never believed the lie for even a second. 

    Will these two ever get a long? And will Javon ever find his mother. 

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  • Just a look at the ladies again. 

    Just a look at the ladies again. 

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  • It’s girl time!

    Starting from the left:

    Daphne Rains has lived in Newmist her entire life. She actually grew up just around the block in a tiny home with her dad. But today she rooms with her BFF’s Gena and Sonia. Daphne attended Newmist Community College and received her degree in Web Design. She now is aspiring to be her own boss in becoming one of the top Blog Artist’s from Newmist.

    Gena Wright and her son Evan have moved around a lot. Being a Stylist it was easy for Gena to get work damn near anywhere. She met her ex-boyfriend, Brock, in Sunset Valley while on spring break. And that’s where Evan happened. He’s a smart little boy living in a house with three hot ladies. He’ll grow up happy that’s for sure.

    Sonia Adler is very different compared to her friends. She is known as the nerd of the group. Always falling in love with anything having to do with chemistry. She currently runs the science facility in Newmist. She is basing her current research on local wildlife she has found throughout Newmist. 

    Will these girls ever be separated?

    Evan says, “Noooo!”


    Cazy Last Call

    Credits - Cazy, Hoz, Digitalbabes, Io

    Models - by uber-melancholy


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  • Here we have a full house of some local hotties. 

    We’ll start off with Duncan Eldgridge. Being a twin has brought him a few struggles in life. Always trying to be the smarter or “better” brother. It has helped him achieve his goal of becoming Newmist’s most renowned Nero-surgeon.

    Next we have Errol Bowen. A man of many, many talents. He has grown up with the twins before they decided to make the move to Newmist. He has a dream of becoming the richest man in Newmist. Which wouldn’t be to big of a dream if his best friend Dawn wasn’t such a mooch.

    Now Dawn Eldridge, he’s another story compared to Duncan. Pretty much labeled as the hippie he spends most of his time in the pool or on the beach. However, he does have a special gift of being able to see a little bit into everyone’s future. So he is currently trying to build his career as the local fortune teller. Things aren’t going so well though in that department. 

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  • Here we have the second family living in Newmist. 

    Here is Brett Whitlock.

    He is currently a level 6 in his dream of becoming an astronaut.

    His wife Angela Whitlock is struggling at the local buisness market hoping to someday become the CEO of her own company.

    They have a daughter named Veronica Whitlock who seems to love attention. I could definitely see her becoming a rockstar some day. 

    The entire family chose to live a life without too much technology. They all ride bikes where ever they go and have started their own garden on their rooftop. 

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  • This here is just a townie sim I have made for a world I’m going to be using for a legacy. 

    I’m making the houses all similar so it flows nicer and the sims homes with not too much cc, but enough to make the sims look not too terrible. Still not going to be amazing looking but they should do. 

    So here I start off with Lucia Dodge.

    She is an adult who currently is single and in the home daycare business. Her favorite color is orange and she has no relatives. 

    (If you want to see screenshots of the inside of the homes just let me know. I did take my time on them, but again with little cc and I didn’t fill them up too much so it doesn’t slow down my computer.)

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  • Ummmm am I ever gonna finish…

    This world is taking me forever. Building houses and adding sims. Decorating. Omgoodness!!! And it’s a freakin SMALL world! How could this be?? I’ll post updates soon.


    My Elin got a makeover! I wanted to do it since last year but those appearance vouchers are expensive on the broker. Needless to say I’m completely broke now since I also got the pirate costume…I couldn’t help myself. >_>
    But anywho, now MJ’s Elin and mine look very similar, lol. If we both get shorter later, we could be the dwarf sisters. XDDD

    The second pic is my new mount which you can get for free at any level by unlocking achievements! So if you have a free account and you’re tired of your slow horse, google “Tera Mount Sparky” to find out how to get it. :D

    Ohh thank you. That will be great to have. Once I remember how to play again. Lol

    I don’t think I even remember my avatars name….


    Guess who got Tera to work!!!! This person right here. It took two days to download! Yep but finally, finally I can play!

    OMgoodness I have totally forgotten how to play. HELP lol!

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  • I don’t think I even remember my avatars name….

    Guess who got Tera to work!!!! This person right here. It took two days to download! Yep but finally, finally I can play!